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Order  a free property valuation report for any residential property in NSW. This is an online report, no access to the property will be required. The report will give you an estimated valuation on the property, previous sales history, location highlights, comparative sales details for similar properties that have been sold in the same area, median property prices for the suburb, properties sold per year in the suburb, capital growth and more. Simply fill out the form below with your information, or pick up the phone and give us a call! We will help you get your free property valuation report as fast as possible.


You can order this free property valuation report for your current home or a potential property you are looking to purchase. When it comes to buying and selling property, the more information you have regarding not only the property in question, but the surround area, the better equipped you will be to make smart decisions. In many circumstances, a real estate agent may alter the property valuation they give you to get your business. The true value of any property is the value placed by the market and the best way to gauge that is by comparing recent sales of similar properties in the same area.

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    Disclaimer: The valuation figures on any automated property valuation report are generated by comparing similar properties in the same area. These should be used as a price guide only. Do not solely rely on the results from an automated property valuation report for the purposes of entering into any legal or financial commitments.