Purchasing a property can be an emotional experience for many people,  but making a smart property choice involves going past the emotion and ensuring the property has all the features you require and is in good condition. Taking a close look at all aspects of the property can save you a lot of money in repairs & replacements down the track. Any missing features or poor conditions can be a great bargaining tool when negotiating purchase price. Download a printable copy of this property inspection checklist now.

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Property Inspection Checklist


Is the property close to public transport?
Is the property close to shops / restaurants / entertainment?
Is the property close to adequate schools?
Are there future development plans for the area?
Are the neighbouring houses well maintained?

Property Interior

Is the property free from mould & mildew?
Are the ceilings free from damp, cracks and sagging?
Are skirting boards rotten, loose or damaged?
Are the internal walls in good repair and free from damage?
Are the floors uneven or sloping?
Is the plumbing noisy?
Are window or door frames damaged or ill-fitting?
Is there any exposed wiring?
Are the room dimensions big enough for your furniture?
Is there sufficient storage space / access to storage space in roof?
Are the curtain rails / blinds in good condition?
Are there broken hinges on fixtures or fittings?
What type of home heating / cooling system is there?
Is there decay or rot in wooden structures, supports or fixtures?
Are there enough accessible power points in each room?
Are there any signs of movement from foundations such as sticking doors or major cracks in walls?


Are the white goods (fridge, oven, washing machine) in working condition?
Is the tiling on the walls or floors properly sealed?
Are the extractor fans in good condition?
Is there any sign of rust to sinks or appliances?
Are there any broken cabinet doors?
Is there water damage underneath sinks or fittings?
Are there any blocked pipes?


Are all of the fixtures securely attached?
Are there any issues with water pressure or temperature in the shower or bath?
Is there a smell indicating poor drainage?
Do the taps and drains work properly?
Are all of the drawers and cupboards in working condition?
Is there a separate toilet?
Is the silicon sealant around the baths and bathroom fixtures peeling?

Property Exterior

Is the paint and rendering in good condition?
Are the window sills free from rot?
Are front and back doors free from cracks?
Is the enough parking available?
Do the roof tiles look to be in good condition?
Do the gutters look to be in good condition?
Is there evidence of leaning or bulging in the walls or foundations?
Are there missing bricks on roofs/buildings/garden walls?
Is there rotten wood on any garden features such as the decking?ng?


Is any exterior wooden fencing or decking rot free ?
Does the garden have decent drainage?
Are there any large or overhanging plants or trees that could pose a problem?
Is the garden suitable for your children and pets?
Are the fences in good condition?

Environmental Factors

Does the property have ceiling and cavity wall insulation?
Do the appliances have adequate energy efficiency ratings?
Does the property have enough natural light?
Does the property have solar heating?
Does the property have gas?


Are there broken door or window locks?
Are there smoke detectors? Alarm systems?

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