“Today I had the opportunity to not only prepare and serve food to the homeless but sit down and talk with many of them. Their stories touched my heart and the joy the got from having someone to chat with overwhelmed me. One lady told me that people look away when they see her in the street and sometimes she can go for days without having a conversation with anyone.”

This is a bi-annual event, organised by Parramatta Chamber of Commerce and held at Parramatta Mission. Members from the local business community join the Chamber to deliver a BBQ for the Homeless. It was Christmas in July and the Chamber organised donations and volunteers from local businesses to provide a beautiful lunch for those people in our community who need an extra helping hand. As well as the lunch, take away bags with non perishable food, warm socks and toiletries were provided. The atmosphere was lovely as everyone shared a meal, listening to Christmas carols and coming together with an amazing community spirit.  I am proud to be part of such a wonderful event and commend the Chamber for all the effort involved in the organisation.

Amanda Hampshire – Assured Lending

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