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Are self employed and:

have fluctuating income


tax returns not up to date


had a loan application declined by your bank?

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    What we do

    • We specialise in complex home loan applications for business owners
    • Low doc home loans with minimal income documentation required
    • We work with the lenders who have the right loan for your specific needs
    • We take the stress out of getting a home loan for busy business owners
    • We work with you & your accountant to structure your application for the best chance of approval
    • We do all the paperwork and liaise with the lenders on your behalf
    • Our services are free to you as we are paid by the lenders. *Lender fees & charges may apply.
    • We’ll let you know what your options are, starting with a 3 minute loan review over the phone
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    Structuring your application with the right lender

    A major factor in the success of any loan application for the self employed is having an experienced broker who specialises in business finances. We can provide you with a self employed specialist mortgage broker who understands the many complexities of company finances as well as the lending criteria and flexibilty of the lenders. Your broker will ascertain if you require a standard or a low doc home home and work with you, your accountant and the lender to get the right home loan for you.

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    What are low doc home loans?

    Low doc home loans, as the name suggests, are loans that require less income documentation for the approval process. These loans allow you to self-declare your income without having to provide tax returns. It is a common misconception with low doc home loans that you have to provide little or no documentation. Low doc refers to the income side of an application with all the other requirements for documentation being the same as a full doc loan such as saving statements and ID documents. Of all Australians, 14% are self employed. Running your own business not only means that you have to earn your income, but you also have to look after the books. Not surprisingly looking after the books often comes a second place to working to earn your income. This means that tax returns can often be submitted a little late. Putting together the documentation that a lender requires can be quite overwhelming for people with complicated finances or fluctuating income like business owners; low doc loans eliminate this burden and provide a simpler solution.


    Low doc home loans are ideal for those who are;

    • Self employed for a minimum of 6 months
    • Tax returns and financials are not up to date
    • Have a fluctuating income
    • Prefer the convenience of providing an income declaration rather than 2 years of tax returns and financials
    • Have had a home loan declined by their bank


    A self-employed borrower would typically need to provide proof of income using a combination of the following:

    • Proof of ABN and/or GST registration
    • Business activity statements (BAS)
    • Business account transaction statements
    • Accountant’s letter
    • Business & personal tax returns

    Usually, the only documentation you need to provide for a low doc home loan is a Borrower Certificate of Income Declaration Form signed off by your accountant. In some instances the provision of the last 4 quarters BAS statements is a requirement. Low doc loans are not suitable for everyone, with potentially higher fees and charges, but they are an essential product for many people, especially business owners, providing finance that may otherwise be impossible. As with any loan product, it is imperative that you are aware of all the terms and conditions so the decision you make is an informed one. You need to ensure you consider all your options to get the lender and the loan that best suits your needs. Contact our team at Assured Lending Mortgage Brokers in Parramatta today to see if a low doc loan is a good fit for your financial circumstances.

    Advantages & disadvantages of low doc home loans

    • With the reduced documentation required, the approval process for a low doc loan is much easier.
    • Most low doc home loans have all the features of standard variable and fixed-rate home loans. Your Broker will make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the loan options available to you.
    • The interest rates on low doc home loans can be slightly higher than traditional loans as the risk for the lender is higher.
    • There can be limits on the amount you can borrow which will vary depending on the loan and the lender.
    • In many cases, you cannot borrow more than 80% of the property value. There are options to borrow up to 90% but the interest rate is higher.
    • Low doc home loans can carry additional fees and charges.
    • Some low doc home loans require the lender to take out compulsory mortgage insurance.

    What our customers say

    “Everything about the assistance and help that I received along the way from Assured Lending made the home loan application run extremely smooth.  I was so happy that my broker was able to accommodate the hours to suit my needs. He helped me get all the paperwork together and spent a lot of time looking at my financial needs, explaining everything to me and guiding me in the right set up of the home loan. Thank you to the whole team,  you put us first every step of the way. We are a very happy family with a home loan that is structured  to our needs. I would highly recommend Assured Lending.” Damien Porter, Quakers Hill.

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    How we'll get your low doc home loan approved


    Step One – 5 minute loan eligibility review over the phone. We’ll look at your needs, your income and the paperwork you have available


    Step two – We’ll calculate your borrowing power and let you know how much you will be able to borrow


    Step three – We’ll compare hundreds of home loans from Australia’s leading lenders specialising in self employed loans to find the right options for your needs.


    Step four – We’ll give you all your options and explain the pros & cons as well as the different lenders requirements and the terms and conditions of the loans available.


    Step five – If you want to go ahead with an application, we’ll come to you, day or night to go over the application and answer all your questions


    Step six – We’ll assemble the application and liaise with the lender, your accountant and the lawyers all on your behalf to get the application approved as quickly as possible.


    Step seven – Once your application is approved, we’ll help you understand the contracts and get everything ready for settlement

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    *Lender fees & charges may apply.

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