The additional costs of buying a home

In addition to the price of the property itself , there are many other costs of buying a home that you need to take into consideration before making any decisions. These costs all vary depending on things like the state you live in, the type of property, the use of the property (will it be owner occupied or an investment property) and the cost of the property.  Below is a list of some of the main costs you need to factor into your finances. An Assured Lending Mortgage Broker can give you free advice on what all of the costs of buying a home will be for your specific circumstances.

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty is a state Government tax paid on the purchase of land or a property in Australia. The stamp duty you will be required to pay is calculated on the value of the land or property and varies between the different states. Calculate your stamp duty with our online calculator.


Lenders Mortgage Insurance

Lenders Mortgage Insurance is a one off fee paid to the lender as insurance with any loan where you borrow more than 80% of the property value. See more information on Lenders Mortgage Insurance.


Finance Costs

There may be fees from your home finance lender such as application fees, property valuations and settlement fees. These vary from lender to lender, your Mortgage Broker can advise you of the cost of these fees prior to getting a loan.


Pest & Building Inspections

Pest & Building Inspections need to be done before any contracts are signed to ensure the property is structurally sound and has no termites or pests.


Land Title Registration

Land Title Registration is a fee paid to your state Land Titles office to register the Title of your property.

Legal Fees

Legal Fees are paid to a solicitor or conveyancer for services like property & title searches, transfer of ownership, strata documentation, contract amendments & organising your property settlement.


Building & Contents Insurance

Building & Contents Insurance covers the value of the property and it’s contents in case of theft, storm, fire, flood & damage.



Utilities include connection of water, electricity, gas, internet & phone services.


Council Rates

Council Rates are paid to local Council for the community services in your suburb. Your rates will be calculated on the value of your land. Get more information on how rates are calculated here.