Using a Mortgage Broker costs you nothing, but it could save you thousands of dollars on your home loan repayments as well as hours of research and a great deal of unnecessary stress.

When it comes to picking a home loan, people tend to go for one of three options: search online, visit their bank, or use the services of a mortgage broker.

Here we look at the top six reasons why using a mortgage broker is hands-down the best option to find the right home loan for you:


1. We work for you, not for an institution

Mortgage Brokers are independent professionals who have access to home loans from a wide range of different lenders (20+).

A bank will only offer you access to its own products, which may not necessarily be the best fit for your personal situation.

A broker works on behalf of the client, picking suitable products from a number of different lenders in order to give you the best choice.


2. Our services are completely cost & obligation free

Using a Mortgage Broker from Assured Lending will not you anything.

We are paid a commission by the lender when your loan settles, so our service to you is free of charge.

We will completely disclose up front, any lender fees & charges that may apply to your loan as well as any payment that we will be receiving from the settlement of your loan from the lender.

Our advice is completely obligation free so we provide you with your options and let you know what the application process will be. Then it’s up to you to decide if you want to proceed.


3. You have more chance of success

When you use a Mortgage Broker, you are given access to dozens of home loan products from various lenders.

This means there’s a far greater chance of finding something suitable, rather than simply relying on the products of a single institution.

Different lenders have different criteria, and some are definitely more flexible than others.

A good Broker will look at your specific circumstances and work out which lender you’re most likely to have success with.

This will save you countless hours searching online and having your credit score reduced because of unnecessary loan declines.


4. Our livelihood depends on great service to you

Most brokerages are small, independent business owners who know that good reputation and word-of-mouth advertising are vital to their continued success.

That’s why our number one incentive will always be to deliver excellent results and impeccable customer care.

We make sure you are a customer for life which means, not only do we provide outstanding upfront service but we keep in touch with you over the life of your loan, sending you reports each year on the value of your property and how much equity you have accumulated.

We will also do ongoing loan comparisons over the years to ensure your changing needs are still being met and the loan product you have is still the right option for you.


5. We make your experience as easy as possible and do all the hard work for you

So you’ve just picked out the home of your dreams. You should be spending time comparing wallpaper patterns, not figuring out how to file all the paperwork.

We come to you at a time that suits your busy schedule,  night or day, at your home or in the office.

Not only do we take care of all the application paperwork, we will and liaise with the lender on your behalf, and deal with any questions or issues that may arise, making the lending process as simple, fast and convenient as possible.

We also liaise with your accountant, financial planner, solicitor, conveyancer or real estate agent where required to ensure the entire process runs smoothly and your needs are met.


6. Free reports to help with your house hunt and loan application

Your Assured Lending Mortgage Broker can provide you with a range of free reports to help you find the right loan, as well as the right home. These include;

  • Home loan comparison report – compares the lenders and loans most suited to your needs
  • Credit file report – shows your full credit history, credit score, repayment history, defaults and issues that may prevent your application being approved.
  • Property history & valuation report – shows the full purchase history of any residential property in Australia as well as recent comparative sales in the area & an estimated valuation.
  • Suburb profile report – gives you the latest median property prices, real estate market data & demographic information for any Australian suburb
  • Market analysis report – identifies the latest movements and trends for all the property markets across Australia.


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