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Home Buyers Guide

Your comprehensive free Home Buyers Guide from Assured Lending is 24 pages packed with valuable information, checklists, resources and home buying tips to help you navigate the process of buying property in Australia. With our experts advice, you will be informed & prepared. You will have the knowledge to make smart decisions and potentially save thousands on your home and your finance. Buying a property is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, so we want to make sure you get it right. Download the home buyers guide today and start preparing to make your property dreams come true.

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Using a mortgage broker

We explain what the advantages of using a mortgage broker, and the process a broker will go through in assessing your needs, comparing loan products from the different lenders and managing the loan process on your behalf from start to finish.

free home buyers guide download

Smart saving tips

Saving for that all important deposit can be tough so we will give you some tips to get you on your way to home ownership. We look at putting your goals in writing, beating the credit monster and making your savings work harder for you.

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Refinancing your mortgage

We look reasons for refinancing a mortgage like paying off your loan faster, better interest rates & lower repayments, consolidate debt, reduce fees & charges and unlocking equity.

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Government incentives

There are a range of government grants & concessions that can help offset some of the expenses of buying a home, these include the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG)and stamp duty breaks & concessions.

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Borrowing within your means

Here we focus on establishing what you can really afford. Your lender will asses your loan and affordability to estimate a maximum borrowing amount, however, it’s essential that you work out what you can afford to borrow and what repayments you feel comfortable with.

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Interest rates & your mortgage

We look at how fluctuating interest rates, the features of your loan and the type of rate you select all affect your mortgage. We also provide tips on how you can lessen the impact of future rate rises.

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Lenders Mortgage Insurance

Lenders Mortgage Insurance can help you enter the market sooner with a smaller deposit but you need to understand the costs of this insurance and what it covers. If you default on your loan, LMI will only cover the lender.

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Loan Types

There’s a huge choice of home loans available, but to find your right match you’ll need to understand your options. We explain basic home loans, fixed rate home loans, standard variable rate home loans, split rate home loans, interest only home loans & low doc home loans.

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Co-ownership of a property

Boosting your buying power through co-ownership is becoming a popular strategy for people looking to enter the property market who do not have the capacity to do it alone.

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Managing your mortgage

Here we explain how to manage your mortgage more effectively and make paying off your loan easier. A small change can really make a difference to your loan over the long term. We look at setting a budget, cutting your debt, paying more than the minimum repayments, direct debit and late repayments.

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Loan pre-approval

Competition for property can be fierce, put yourself ahead of the pack with a loan pre-approval. We will explain what a pre approval is, how to get it and all the advantages of having a pre-approval.

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Purchase checklist

This comprehensive checklist goes through each of the steps of securing finance and purchasing property from start to finish. Make sure you know the process and don’t miss any vital steps along the way.

free home buyers guide download

Buying skills

Our experts share some essential buying skills for purchasing property via auction or private sale. We look at the pros and cons of both buying methods and provide tips to put you ahead of the competition.

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Pre-purchase inspection checklist

This checklist covers the inspections and reports you need to have done to make sure your new home doesn’t contain any hidden surprises.

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Property needs checklist

Searching for your ideal property is much easier when you have a clear picture of what you need and what you want. Print off this property needs checklist and take it with you on property inspections so you can consider and compare all the aspects of each property.

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Purchasing an investment property

You can realise your property investment goals by capitalising on the equity built up in your home. We will explain how your current property equity can be used to purchase investment properties.

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Buyers agents

It’s a well know fact that real estate agents act on behalf of the vendor, but did you know that there are professionals called buyers agents who act solely on behalf of you, the buyer. Buyers agents can provide services such as assistance with finding suitable properties, bidding at auction and negotiating the purchase price and terms.

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Moving your family

While moving into a new home can be exciting for some family members, it can be more challenging for others. We look at preparing your children for the move and giving them an opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts.

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Protecting your biggest asset

When it comes to owning property, protecting yourself with the right insurance is one of the most important things you need to do. Consider building or home insurance, contents insurance and mortgage protection insurance.

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Your move

Being prepared for the move into your new home is essential for a smooth transition. Here we provide tips on having your mail redirected and connecting utilities like water, gas, electricity, phone & internet. We also look at setting up schools, introducing yourself to the neighbours, investigating local amenities like shops, parks, community groups and public transport and also setting new budgets for your new life.


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