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We have been able to find a more desirable loan option for 82% of the home owners who have contacted us for a loan review.

We can review your current loan or a new loan you are considering taking.

  • A loan review takes 3 minutes over the phone & could save you thousands
  • We check your current loan against over 300 loans from Australia’s leading lenders
  • Any advice or reports we provide with a home loan review are completely cost & obligation free. *Lender fees & charges may apply.
  • We can even get you a cheaper or more suitable loan with your current lender
  • We will look at saving you money with a lower interest rate, improving your cash flow by drawing out equity on your property and finding a product with terms & conditions that better suit your needs.

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    Why compare home loans ?

    Home owners in Australia are paying an average of $4000 annually in excess interest on their mortgage because they don’t realise there’s cheaper or more suitable options available. Comparing all the current loan products on the market with your changing financial needs is one of the smartest financial moves you can make. If your shopping around for a new loan, having someone you can trust to compare the interest rates, fees & charges and loan terms will save you a lot of time and money. We will do the research for you, completely cost and obligation free.

    What our customers say

    “I called Assured Lending for a loan review and was shocked to realise how much I could save with a different loan. In just a few minutes, the broker was able to give me a range of options that were better than my current home loan, he talked to me about different lenders with varying interest rates and even got a report on the current value of my property so I knew how much equity I had available. He talked to me about the upfront costs of changing loans and how the process worked. I was so impressed with his advice and the simple way he was able to explain everything. This is certainly a free service worth taking advantage of.” June Atkins, Harris Park, NSW

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    What we can do for you

    A very simple three minute phone call with one of our Mortgage experts can ascertain if there may be a cheaper or more suitable option for your current loan. While we are comparing your loan with over 300 products from  Australia’s leading lenders, we can also provide you with a free residential property report, as long as your property is in NSW. This report will give you a true estimate on the value of your home and details on similar properties that have recently been sold in your area. Any advice, reports or services we provide are completely cost & obligation free. After your phone review, if you would like to go ahead with changing your loan, we can come to you, explain all your options in greater details, put together the application for you and liaise with the lender of your behalf until your new loan is settled.

    We search Australia’s leading lenders to find the right home loan for your specific needs

    Home Loan Review

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    All advice and reports provided by the Assured Lending team are completely cost and obligation free.

    *Lender fees & charges may apply.